Tuesday, January 31, 2012
I can't believe my cats still love me after what I just put them through!

As part of our home study, we needed to get rabies shots for our cats. Our fellow felines don't even go outside but who are we to argue with the state?

We have three cats to be exact. I know that sounds scary to those who don't love cats. ;) Anyway, I needed to get all three cats to the vet at the same time using a carrier meant for one cat. I wasn't going out and spending $100 to buy two more carriers for a one time deal. So I stuffed all three of our cats into that one carrier. They fit and thankfully all our cats get along but they did not want to go into the carrier. We had to wrap them up in towels and quickly put them in the carrier. Of course, when we got to the vet...not a single cat wanted to come out. I had to drag them out! And I had no problem putting them back in.

When we got home and I opened the door to release them...it was like releasing them back into the wild. They took off!

It was a trivial adventure but it is also one step closer to bringing Makayla home!


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