Wednesday, October 3, 2012

One of the most profound things I learned about Annabelle when I visited her in August was that she does not know how to play. I know that sounds crazy. I didn't think it was possible for child to not know how to play. It's suppose to be basic instinct for child...right? Turn them loose and they go crazy or make you crazy.

When I handed her a toy she would drop it. Stare at it. Toss it away. Or not even acknowledge the toy at all. She did love to carry soft toys around but carry them was all she did. 

I placed her in the ball pit in the video below and she just sat there. 
Any other child would of been in "play heaven". 
Throwing balls. Climbing the slide. Running. Screaming with joy.
But Annabelle sat there...for only a few minutes then wanted to get out. I tried to show her how to play. I placed balls in her hand and used her hand to throw them. She laughed a couple times but had no inclination to do it herself. 
I climbed the slide and slid down. She thought it was hysterical but never tried to follow me.

Her lack of play skills has nothing to do with her abilities. Within the short week I spent with her I realized that if she were born into our family she would of been what is considered "slow" or maybe normal. She's all there mentally but she was never given any kind of opportunity to grow. Until now that is. 

On the last day of my visit with her, when they were about to take her from me. As I was saying goodbye with tears streaming down my face, I will never forget the look on her face as they took her hand and walked her back into that dreaded place. She looked back at me, her face as sad as mine with an expression that told me she wanted to stay with her mommy and that she didn't understand why I was leaving.

We received our official approval from the United States yesterday. Praise God!
We are now only waiting for Annabelle's country. Please continue to pray.


We are hoping to raise $4500 to complete our adoption. 

We are also hoping to go way over $4500...why?
All funds over $4500 will be donated to Annabelle's (Makayla's) orphanage.
As of right now the funds will be used for a needed van but that could change. In one way or another any funds over our goal will be used to benefit the orphanage depending on their needs.
Shelley Bedford from is looking over this to make sure all funds will reach the orphanage.

Please, please help spread the word.


Will have their choice between one of the following tablets:

One Brand New Apple iPad 3 (16GB) + WIFI
Your choice of black or white.


One Brand New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (16 GB) WIFI
NOTE: The device of the winners choice will be shipped directly to the winner from the manufacturer's website (Apple/Samsung). As of right now there are no delay's in shipments but that could change at any time. Please understand this ahead of time. We will do all we can to make sure the winner receives their device promptly.


will choose ONE $25.00 Gift Card 
of their choice from the cards listed below.

large samplelarge sample
large samplelarge sample
large samplelarge sample
large samplelarge sample
large samplelarge sample
large samplelarge sample


The fundraiser will run from 
October 1st through October 12th.

Each entry will be assigned a number.
We will then hold the drawing on using their free number generator October 13th and announce who won by 12:00pm EST the same day.

Please spread word of this fundraiser. We really need help.



 $10.00 = 2 entries 
$20.00 = 4 entries 
$30.00 = 6 entries 
$40.00 = 8 entries 
$50.00 = 10 entries 
$60.00 = 12 entries 
$70.00 = 14 entries 
$80.00 = 16 entries 
$90.00 = 18 entries 
$100.00 = 20 entries 
$150.00 = 30 entries 
and so on...


  1. Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten you... I have a new blog, I had to put mine on private for a while for personal reasons but I needed an advocacy blog, so it's mostly a simple address change, minus some past posts. I'll post the link on my old one, which you should still be able to see. Anyways, I'm posting reminders about your giveaway on facebook and I'm going to do a post on my blog now that I've got it up and running. Wish I could give $$ but we're not even scraping by right now :-/ when we come out of this, if you still need funds, I've got your back. Hugs, friend! Oh, and yes, I am pretty much feeling better :)

  2. Susan,
    I donated $20 via the chip in above, shared on FB, email me your full name and I will add you as a friend if you want confirmation. I am pretty well hidden. Does this comment count as a entry too?
    I pray you get to Annabelle soon and that God protects her until you get there.

  3. Found you on Adeye's blog. blessing to you on your journey. We donated $25.00! Hopefully it will help.

  4. Donated, shared & praying that your daughter is in your arms soon and enjoying PLAYTIME!!

  5. Praying for full funding AND MORE!

  6. I just found your blog and am very excited to follow dear Annabelle's journey home!
    Love and prayers,

  7. I am so excited that you received all your money!!!!!

  8. Praise God you raised the funds for Annabelle and can now bless the orphanage and children too! Just donated through the ChipIn!


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