Tuesday, January 3, 2012
So where exactly are we in the international adoption process? We are in the beginning stages. The whole process is going to take about a year to complete. That seems like forever! Which is funny because anyone who is starting to near the top of the aging hill, actually on it or over it can attest to the fact that the older you get, the shorter the years get. This has been a reality for me as I get older but this adoption sets me back to the feeling of when I was 12 years old waiting for the big 13...an official teenager and it's just taking forever. I'm 12 and one month old. It's a time when you count every single day.

Getting back on track. Step one comes in a couple parts. We have sent our commitment money to the adoption agency. That means exactly what it says, we have committed to adopt Makayla. She is ours and no one else can try and adopt her.

We are also going through a home study. This will determine our eligibility to adopt. Lots of things about us are being studied and needless to say its going well. I have to admit though, I was nervous in the beginning. Only because of the feelings of someone else coming to our home and basically judging us. We are working with a wonderful woman!

We only have a few more things to complete for the home study. Then it will be time to work on our dossier. That's another story for another time.


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