Friday, July 6, 2012
I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone again who has contributed to our adoption. It's amazing how adopting a child can open new doors with new friends and close doors with current "friends". We've experienced the blessing of getting to know new people and unfortunately we've had some relationships falter.

I had the particular blessing of meeting a woman in her 30's who has three little girls and wonderful husband. The woman, the mother, was adopted at 15 years old. She told me to never listen to people who say adoption is a bad thing. She is so thankful to her adoptive family.

Yet there are people, who have parents themselves, that some how think having a family is bad thing for children...huh? It just blows my mind. Yes, there might be adjustment issues but what child doesn't have issues, adopted or not? I, myself, was a horrible kid! But my parents stuck by me and helped me through everything...that's what parents do! I'm now a well adjusted adult with children of my own and my children sometimes have difficult times in their lives that I help them through. Where did I learn such beneficial skills? From my parents who helped me. No child is perfect. Some are better than others but EVERYONE, including adults have problems at some time in their life.

We're adopting a child and this beautiful little girl is our child. We help her through everything because we love her.

OK, I ranted a little and didn't plan on doing that...anyway, we're really hoping to get our approval soon!


  1. When I was in the process of adopting my daughter there were some naysayers then too. And back then no one had heard of attachment issues or institutional behaviors. Just negative comments and dire warnings. Yuck!
    Do your best to tune out the ugly and rejoice that you are adding to your family. You are in my prayers.

  2. Hi Susan,

    As I have read your posts, I feel you are doing a tremendous thing here, bringing Makayla into a family that is well adjusted in these circumstances to be loved and cared for like one of your own. I also know that you werent that horrible as a kid. We have shared some memories in the past and I am glad to read things are wonderful in your life. You're right, no child is perfect and as adults and parents, it is our duty to help them through the difficult times and coach them the absolute best we can. To teach them the morals that we have learned or experienced through our own learnings or mistakes in life. I will continue to pray for you and your family to bring home Makayla.


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