Thursday, August 2, 2012
I forgot to include my travel dates when I announced that I had them! So here they are...I will be flying off on August 24th and returning September 1st. This is going to be a bittersweet trip. I'm not sure if I want to smother her in love or hold back a little. I understand that I will be back for her, but, she doesn't.

Enter stage left: A woman appears and gives you the love you have been longing for.
Exit stage right: The woman leaves. You have no idea that she will be back so you are left with sadness until the day you have no knowledge of.

Is it fair? No. I honestly don't know what to do. I want to hold her until the day I leave but will she be left devastated when I leave? I don't want to cause her deep sadness. There will be sadness no matter what. But I want it to be a sadness she can handle.

This trip is bittersweet. Pray for our little girl. I pray that God will give her peace and the knowledge that we will be back for her.

I see someone has recently donated and it means so much to us. Each and everyone of you are a blessing to our family. Very soon we will be launching some sort of fundraiser. We are in desperate need of the money for our final flight. All other costs are covered. We just lack our airfare for the final trip. That's going to cost us around $4000.

Thank you everyone who has donated kind words, prayers and money. 


  1. Say the word and I'll help with whatever fundraiser you want :) Your sweet girl will be okay. She's held onto hope for a long time without really having much to hold onto... I think seeing you, spending time with you, will give her something new to cling to when she hopes. And as for you, just keep thinking, you're one step closer to getting her home for good. God bless. Always praying for you.

  2. I just went through this - JUST. It is indeed a bittersweet trip. I miss our son all of the time. But I'm also grateful I met him and we can prepare for him. I will pray for you; know that this trip is meant to be one step closer to your finish line. I cried many times before we left- he will not understand where we are - I hope you are strong!


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