Sunday, September 16, 2012
Since my return from unsaid country, I have been rather silent. I've been trying to collect my thoughts and feelings because my senses were/are over loaded with grief. As an American living in the 21st century, I just can't comprehend what I saw. Things are suppose to be improving at unsaid orphanage and maybe things are for selected children but then there are still those forgotten children. Too many of them.

A child who lays in a diaper so filled that it looks like a normal size filled balloon between his legs. Life as such has caused his poor legs to be retracted up and flared out. Can this child bring his legs together? Most likely not. Maybe with physical therapy he could someday but it won't happen there. Another child lays suffering from untreated hydrocephalus. His head splitting open because it has grown so large. Is he in pain? Probably. Yet another child, skin and bones, manages to smile at me while I stroke his arm. How does he even have the strength to smile?

Too many children are suffering.

Is the unsaid orphanage evil? Not entirely. I met caretakers that moved about as militant jail wardens/bullies and others with hearts of gold in a helpless situation doing all they could.

So what hope do these children have? You. Adoption. The children that are available need homes! They need your love and care.

The church is called to help widows and orphans in their distress. The orphans at the unsaid orphanage are in distress. So what are you, church, going to do about it?

Here's what we, personally, are doing about it. As you know we are adopting one of these precious children. We took a leap of faith. We did not have the money when we started and we still lack $4500. But God has been moving mountains every step of the way. We have not been short. Praise God. He will supply the rest.

After our gift from God comes home to our arms, what will we do? Can we adopt another one? No. The US government will not allow it. So instead we're going to raise awareness of these little ones in distress and help raise funds for other adopting families.

Everything changes when you see the children for yourself. I highly recommend that if you know someone who is adopting, ask if you can tag along with them on their first trip. It will cost a couple thousand to go but it will be well worth it. When you get home, you will be changed forever and moved to action if you are not already.

We have to take action.

The following children are available from this orphanage for you to adopt, raise awareness about, donate or raise money for. Each one is listed on Reece's Rainbow. Help them. They cannot speak for themselves. They need you.

I personally saw a few of the children listed below and 
each one of them is worthy of a family as every child is.

Please do something to help them. Please.


  1. Susan - when you and Adeye came home, just little things each of you said made me feel the need to urgently blog for these kids. They need out... so bad. I can't imagine anyone ever being the same after seeing the things you saw. My heart breaks for you and the children. By the way, did you hear that Amanda Unroe is going back to That Place for THREE MORE kids? I don't think I've ever refreshed the MFFM page more often.

  2. Susan, thank you for this blog post. You said it perfectly--everything changes when you see the children for yourself. Thank you.


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