Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How rich do you have to be to adopt? 

When my husband and I started the process of adopting Annabelle almost a year ago, we had doubts that we would be "allowed". Before anything could happen, we had to complete a home study. The home study is basically a judgement by a trained social worker as to whether or not your family can adequately provide for the child or children you want to adopt. They also make sure you're not crazy people. : P

We're average middle class people. 
Nothing special by any stretch of the imagination.
This is our home.
Does our house look like rich people live in it?

Car number one is a simple 2007 Honda Fit. It's not even the sport addition.

Car number two is an old 1995 Honda Civic.
We call it "The Beast".
It creaks,
it moans,
it's rusted,
the rear bumper is falling off,
one door doesn't open,
it's very reliable.

Maybe you're wondering how we manage with two cars that only seat five people when we are currently a family of seven people. Our minivan is two cars. When everyone needs to go somewhere as a family, my husband drives one car and I drive the other. 
Does that seem rich to you?

I'm not going to get into our bank account but trust me, it's not rich. It's enough with a little extra.

So what did the social worker see when she visited our home?

Well, she didn't see a huge house perfectly maintained by a visiting maid.
No Cadillac Escalade to haul the family to and fro.
No gigantic savings $$$,$$$,$$$

Why then? What did she see in us?

She saw loving parents who live responsibly within their means taking care of what they have and always providing for their children.

She had confidence that we knew what we were doing and that we can amply provide for another child.

She saw a family rich in love for each other.

Over a year ago, I saw this little girl on Reece's Rainbow

Today, December 4, 2012
Makayla from Reece's Rainbow is now 
Annabelle, our daughter. 
It's official!

One less orphan in the world today! Praise God!
No more will she stand alone in a crib.
No more will she go hungry.
No more neglect!!!
She now has a mama, daddy, and siblings to hold her and love her!
God was with us every step of the way. All praise and glory to God!

The woman who wrote our home study and approved us to adopt Annabelle knew what she was doing. She's been doing home studies for a very long time. 
Never would she have approved us if she thought we couldn't do it.

Do you want to adopt? Do you know someone who wants to adopt?

Are you making excuses about your situation and why you can't adopt?

Go through a home study. Just do it. Talk to a social worker and see what he or she says about your situation. Stop with the excuses and get real solid answers. 

If you meet these guidelines listed here at Reece's Rainbow, then why not go through a home study?

Stop wondering if you can do it and start taking steps towards doing it. We are not special people who have every aspect of our lives together. We're just like you...the majority of you. ;) Just good basic people who are making their way through life.

We are rich and today we are richer. Thank you God for blessing us with a new daughter.

Children are a blessing from God.


Zoey has a family!
She can now be found on the "My Family Found Me" page.


  1. Excellent, Susan. I agree with you in encouraging people to step out and see. We had some doors appear to be closed, but when we pushed they opened! Sometimes maybe God wants to see if we care enough to see if it's really closed. If it is really shut then we can wait and pray.

    Congratulations on passing court and being blessed with a beautiful new daughter!

  2. Congratulations! So happy for your family! That is neat that you and Adeye had the same court date also!

  3. Congrats she is beautiful and will be so loved, you are the PERFECT family for her.

  4. Congratulations! I am so happy she is officially yours!

  5. This is such a good post, Susan! Also, I love seeing the photos of your family members on your sidebar! Can't wait to see Makayla home with you! Do you have travel dates yet?


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