Thursday, March 14, 2013

Her teeth are clean! 
Everything went really well with the dentist. In an amazing God given provision, most of Annabelle's teeth were covered in calcified plaque. End result, it protected her teeth from rot. It looked absolutely horrific and smelled bad but what an amazing outcome! She had one little filling. Yep that's it.

Check out the pictures and you'll find her second dimple. It's not as pronounced but it's just as beautiful . :)

I had to throw this picture in because this in normally what she looks like while I'm trying to take her picture. She runs and screams and hides from the camera. 
She'll get used to it soon...I hope. ;)


  1. I am glad the dentist and her teeth went better than expected! Our little guy ended up with 5 fillings and 8 teeth removed because they were so bad :(

    I love the picture, she looks like she is doing very well! Dimples are my favorite :)

  2. Oh she looks amazing. Love those cheeks and both dimples! So glad her teeth are clean and you can check a procedure off. Teeth are done!

  3. Beautiful teeth!! Our boys from her orphanage are having surgeries first and then the dentist. Two have worn their teeth to nubs. She is adorable! (((HUGS)))

  4. She looks so happy and healthy!

  5. What a head of hair! I am happy to see some nice pictures of her.

  6. Lovely to see this lovely little girl has a new familyx i spent time with her in the orphanage. I use to feed. Cuddle her and walk with her around the sector she was on. Lots of hugs and kusses xxxxxx

  7. Susan, how is Makayla and how are you all?? Thinking of you today and would love an update!

  8. I follow your blog and check back periodically for an update. Wondering how you all are doing and praying you are well. Update us all if you get a chance. God bless you.


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