Tuesday, February 21, 2012
I feel a lot of sadness in my heart right now and just want to let it out.

When you look at the picture on my blog of Makayla, what do you see? A little girl standing in a crib fiddling with her fingers, right? Do you realize that that little girl is going to be 11 years old in March? She is the size of my five year old son, but only half his weight.

Look closely at her fiddling with her fingers. Have you ever fiddled with your fingers? Why were you fiddling? Were you bored, sad, lonely or deep in thought? I often wonder what was going through her mind as her picture was taken there.

I pray for God to protect her and give her peace while we make our way through the adoption process.

This is the little girl being treated at a hospital. She is 10yrs old.
I actually find it very hard to put my feelings into words. It's pain and heartbreak to have your child so far away from home and neglected on so many levels. I can't stand to see any child suffer...and to add salt to the wound, my child is suffering. But God is moving, He is hearing the cries from the adopting families and the children in this particular orphanage. I praise God in knowing that another child that is worse off than our Makayla is currently receiving care in a hospital. The little girl is literally skin and bones. A doctor visited the orphanage and was shocked! Two others with the little girl were taken to the hospital as well. A picture speaks a thousand words. When you look at the picture, does it bring to mind anything else that happened in history?

You can follow the story of the little girl here: The Road Less Traveled.

You can find your own child to adopt here: Reece's Rainbow

I give deep thanks to those who have supported us emotionally through this adoption so far. We have even been blessed with people who have given money to help us with the expenses. But our deepest thanks go to God. He is blessing us with Makayla. Please pray for her. Please pray for all the children in the orphanage.

Pray. Pray some more. Always pray and never cease.
Mark 11:22 And Jesus said to them "Have faith in God".


  1. I have been following the story of that child and the other two who are being treated in the hospital. To be honest, I found you and was drawn to you not only because you're semi-local, but because of where you're adopting from. Susanna and little Katie from The Blessing of Verity were God's way of speaking to my heart about adoption. The children in Makayla's orphanage have a very, very special place in my heart. They need to come home, now. All of them. Not just the ones currently listed, all of them.

    I pray without ceasing. To be honest, my life is currently more a state of constant prayer than anything. These children are on my heart day and night, in everything I do. Deep inside I feel like literally everything I do is for them... organizing my house, cleaning toys, preparing for daycare licensing, it's a step towards helping them, both in making money to be able to donate, and in preparing myself to deal with homestudy later. Your daughter is very special to me. Though I don't know what it's like to have a child so far away and so severely neglected, I do know what it's like to lie awake at night wondering what your baby is doing, is she okay, is she scared, is she hungry... missing her. Wanting to hug her and pull her close and tell her everything's going to be okay, I'm here for you. But you can't. That is truly the heaviest burden that can be laid on a heart. One thing I encourage you to do, is to go out and buy two identical stuffed animals. Sleep with both of them every night, or you sleep with one and have your husband or child sleep with one. When you visit Makayla for the first time, give her one of the stuffed animals. Bring it when you visit her every day and show it to her so she associates it with you. On the last day, before you leave, leave it with her. If she has a Baba, ask the Baba to please make sure she keeps her animal. If she does not, judge whether or not it's a good idea to ask this of someone else. You can't guarantee she'll have it while you're gone, but you can hope she does... and then when you go home and await that second trip, you can hug the other one and think of your little girl, imagine it's her you're holding to your heart, and cry out to Jesus to bring her home soon. I tell you this from personal experience. I need to do a post on Ellfant. Ellfant has gotten us through some hard times. It's not much, but it's a small comfort to feel like you're doing something for your child's heart.

    I think of you often. I talked to my aunt in Parma the other day and asked if I could stay with her if I came up to help with fundraising or anything for your family, and she said any time, so please let me know what I can do. I think I gave you my email, and if not, just ask, or it's on my blog. Again, I don't have much, but what I do have, I'm willing to give. If that was my A over there in that crib, I'd do anything to bring her home. I'd pray in earnest that others would help me. I want to do for your daughter what I'd hope people would do for my baby girl.

    Lifting you up in prayer always.

  2. Katie,

    You are a blessing to us. I love your idea with the stuffed animals. I'm definitely going to do that!

    As soon as our family gets over our colds, we hope to start organizing something regarding the fundraiser. We've been sick with a chronic cough for four weeks now. Ugh.


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