Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm a mother to a 16 year old girl who has the mentality of a 3-4 year old
and still wears diapers.

If disabilities were so scary and unmanageable I wouldn't be advocating for these children.
I wouldn't be adopting another one myself.

Disabled children are just as fun and lovable as non-disabled children.

These children's files have been sent back to their home country but they can be requested again!

Without you, these pictures convey all theses children will ever be.

With you, they will thrive.

When I visited my Annabelle, I came to the sad conclusion that she shouldn't be as behind as she is. She's "in there" and fully capable but no one helped her. She laid in a crib all day. After 8 years, she finally started walking. Had I been her mommy from day one, I have no doubt in my mind that she would be only slightly behind.

The children in these pictures have the same possibilities! But they need the love and care from a mom and/or dad.

Penny - Penny's file has been sent back but she can be requested again. 
Please don't let her disappear. Someone, this is your daughter. She needs you.


This little guy is the only one who's file is on Reece's Rainbow.
All the children above haven't found a family within the given time frame so their files have been sent back. The same will happen to this boy is he doesn't find a family.

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  1. Susan, thank you for sharing these kids. We will not let them be forgotten - we WILL NOT QUIT! Have you seen that Reece's Rainbow is in the voting for a contest with a $50,000 prize? If they win, 10 kids will get $5000 in their grants! One of them is Dawn, in Annabelle's country. I love her. The link is here (, we can vote and share every day until October 31, it is a close contest right now so we need all the help we can get! And remember, each of us may be Just One... but together... we make a difference.


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