Sunday, October 14, 2012
Today was the first day of our new ministry. We didn't plan this ministry, God did.

What is our new ministry? To bring awareness of orphans in distress who are available for adoption and of families who are adopting these children. 

Our Pastor gave us the platform today at our church. It's a small church but that doesn't matter because God is bigger than anything.

We first talked to our Pastor when we read Susanna's blog post about her precious Katie at We are adopting from the same orphanage as Susanna's Katie and the story told by Susanna was perfectly put. 

I immediately emailed our Pastor and asked him to read "Katie's Story". These are his exact words in his reply to us, "Wow - speechless. Would either of you be open to giving a presentation at church on a Sunday morning, both regarding your adoption, but also helping us all better understand the seriousness of these children's needs?".

Today was that Sunday. Tomorrow is another day and we will continue until God calls us to quit.


These precious children need families NOW!

Please, one of these children have to be yours.
Don't let bad pictures mislead you.
I have met some of these children and they are adorable!
They each have smiles waiting to be given to a mommy and daddy.
Click on the child's picture to be taken directly to their Reece's Rainbow account.

Penny - Penny's file has been sent back but she can be requested again. 
Please don't let her disappear. Someone, this is your daughter. She needs you.

I just found this little guy newly listed on Reece's Rainbow



  1. Susan, this is such a WONDERFUL post to read! Praising God for what He is doing there! You know that is GOD! Wow!!

    Also, thank you for the heads-up about little Owen!

    1. I like to check Reece's Rainbow constantly for updates and found the little guy Owen. I think I might have seen him when I visited in August. He looks very familiar. An absolute cutey!

  2. I love your heart, Susan. Counting the moments until you bust your little girl out of there forever!

  3. WELCOME TO MY WORLD.... So glad to have you along for the fun of screaming and yelling for the ones we left behind!!

    1. Never thought I'd be in your world, but here I am! LOL! You gave us a lot of inspiration. My husband cried over your sons story...don't let him know I told you that. ;)


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